The people behind Seamap Australia

Meet the passionate team of scientists, researchers, data analysts, and software developers behind Seamap Australia.

Vanessa Lucieer
Emma Flukes
Peter Walsh
Dr Jacquomo Monk

Emma Flukes

Technical Lead

At Seamap

Emma has been with the Seamap team since 2016 where she was responsible for the technical aspects of ingesting, synthesising and managing spatial data associated with Seamap’s national seafloor habitat database. She is now responsible for the ongoing curation of content in the Seamap Australia portal, and generates many of the spatial synthesis products and visualisations you’ll see in there. Emma works closely with the developers from Condense in designing Seamap Australia’s mapping interface and analytics tools. Seamap is Emma’s #1 favourite project and she’d love to hear from you with anything Seamap!

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Emma is trained as a marine ecologist with a particular interest in temperate kelp ecosystems and community-scale processes. She fell into the world of data in 2014 when she became involved with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies’ ‘Major Open Data Collection’ project working with ARDC to develop enduring data infrastructure and liberate IMAS research data. Since then, Emma has become the Senior Research Data Analyst with IMAS, and is the Data Manager for the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program Marine and Coastal Hub (previously Marine Biodiversity Hub).

Coming from a research background, Emma understands all too well the communication disconnect between scientists, policymakers, education and the broader public. She is passionate about leveraging the immense value of research data and working with end-users to understand data needs and knowledge gaps, and achieve transparent, repeatable, data-driven outcomes.

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