Contribute data to keep Seamap Australia growing.

Seamap Australia relies on contributions and access to data from the Australian marine science community. If you have habitat or ancillary data you would like to contribute, please follow the instructions in the Seamap Australia Data Acceptance Guidelines then use the following form to send us the details. We will get in contact to discuss your data and arrange a file transfer (if required).

Data Acceptance Guidelines to keep things consistent.

The Seamap Australia team annually process new data acquired through community contributions for inclusion on the Seamap Australia website, and to update the Seamap Australia National Benthic Habitat Layer with the latest available information.

Contributed data is assessed for readiness to meet quality and technical product requirement criteria against the Data Acceptance Guidelines.

Contribution checklist to make sure you're ready.

Before completing the contribution form, please make sure you’ve read the contribution guidelines and fulfilled the items on this checklist.

  • Finalise your data hosting requirements and services
  • Make sure you’ve collected the minimum required metadata
  • Ensure you have the right licensing to suit your data
  • If you’re submitting habitat data, make sure it meets the core habitat data requirements (section 2.2 of the guidelines)
  • If your habitat data is to be included in the National Benthic Habitat Layer, make sure it meets the advanced habitat data criteria (section 2.3 of the guidelines)


Once you’re sure the checklist is complete, proceed to completing the contribution form below.

Contribution form...
Thank you for your data.






    Dataset Title:

    Data Type:


    Your dataset is:

    For Already Hosted Data

    Web Mapping Service:
    Web Feature Service:
    Metadata Record URL:

    For Data Requiring Hosting

    You can leave any of the following fields blank if they are included in your metadata record. If you don’t have a metadata record and would like IMAS to publish one for you, please create a record at

    Abstract (describe the data, not the project):
    Point of contact name:
    Point of contact organisation:
    Point of contact email:
    For license, Creative Commons is preferred and must be Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International for habitat data that will be assimilated into the Seamap Aus National Benthic Habitat Layer.

    Data collection methods and processing (include published references where available):

    Start Date:

    End Date:


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