Our steering committee keeps Seamap pointing to the future.

The Seamap Australia Steering Committee is tasked with providing oversight for changes to the requirements for inclusion of data in new versions of the Seamap Australia National Benthic Habitat Layer (NBHL); updates to the Seamap Australia National Benthic Habitat Classification Scheme and major development projects for the Seamap Australia web portal.  In doing so, the Committee will ensure:  

  • the data portal remains relevant to its end users and its broader role with the Australian marine data landscape. 
  • the Seamap Australia NBHL and Classification Schema retains its scope and relevance as a nationally consistent benthic habitat classification 
  • data supported by the Seamap Australia data portal meets FAIR data standards.

Seamap Australia steering committee members

Name Organisation State
Vanessa Lucieer (chair) University of Tasmania TAS
Peter Walsh University of Tasmania TAS
Jacquomo Monk University of Tasmania TAS
Emma Flukes University of Tasmania TAS
Neville Barrett University of Tasmania TAS
Dan Ierodiaconou Deakin University VIC
Tim Ingleton NSW Government NSW
Alan Jordan NESP Marine and Coastal Hub National
Chris Roelfsema University of Queensland QLD
Piers Dunstan CSIRO National
Tim Langlois University of Western Australia WA
Cath Samson Parks Australia National
Gretchen Grammer SA Government SA
Rachel Nanson Geoscience Australia National