Twilight Marine Park, in the Great Australian Bight, protects important feeding grounds for Australian sea-lions. The park includes continental shelf environments that contribute to the connectivity of protected areas across shelf ecosystems. The inshore location of the marine park captures shallow depths, including globally important areas for the threatened southern right whale and white shark.

The park is located 245 kilometres south-west of Eucla, Western Australia, and offshore from the Western Australian Nuytsland Nature Reserve. It covers 4,641 square kilometres, and has National Park and Special Purpose (Mining Exclusion) zones. Parks Australia

Twilight ranges from 12 to 69 metres depth, with an average depth of 50 metres. The majority of the park (99%) falls within the mesophotic zone (30-70 metres). [View on map]

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What's known about the Twilight marine park?

The current state of research knowledge (bathymetry, physical and biological observations, seafloor habitat maps) for this region.
Habitat and bathymetry summaries last refreshed April 2024. Habitat observations are refreshed weekly from data providers.


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