Deep below the surface in the South Tasman Rise Marine Park lies a rugged seafloor with an epic history. Around 100 million years ago, the seafloor was deformed by massive rifting when the Australian continental block moved northwards. The park encloses a submerged plateau of continental rock that is believed to be the last remnant of the link between Australia and Antarctica. It contains seamounts with flat tops – evidence they were once above the ocean’s surface where they were shaped by wind and wave erosion.

South Tasman Rise supports unique environments for marine life and is an area of significant scientific interest.

The park lies in deep waters off south-east Tasmania. It covers 27,704 square kilometres and is a Special Purpose zone.Parks Australia

South Tasman Rise ranges from 804 to 5,022 metres depth, with an average depth of 3,185 metres. The majority of the Park (43%) falls within the abyssal zone (4,000-6,000 metres). [View on map] The mapped areas of the seafloor are dominated by Plane (72%) and Slope (14%) geomorphology. Seamounts/Guyots have been mapped in this Park. [View on map]

Read more about the South Tasman Rise State of Knowledge (Parks Australia).

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What's known about the South Tasman Rise marine park?

The current state of research knowledge (bathymetry, physical and biological observations, seafloor habitat maps) for this region.
Habitat and bathymetry summaries last refreshed April 2024. Habitat observations are refreshed weekly from data providers.


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What's in the South Tasman Rise marine park?

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