There are eight Australian Marine Parks off the coast of the Northern Territory and Queensland covering 157,480 square kilometres that make up the North Marine Parks Network. The region has shallow-water tropical marine ecosystems and a large area of continental shelf. Coral, invertebrates, and phytoplankton are all highly diverse, and fish such as snapper, emperor and grouper are common higher order predators of coral and rocky reef habitats. The region supports dugong, seabirds and dolphins. Sawfish, seasakes, saltwater crocodiles, seahorse and pipefish are also at home here. This area supports recreational activities such as fishing, snorkelling, diving and boating.Parks Australia

The North Network spans the shallow (<30 metres) to upper-slope (200-700 metres) depth zones, with the majority of the Network (45%) falling within the rariphotic zone (70-200 metres). [View on map]

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Coverage and accessibility of bathymetry (AusSeabed) and habitat observations (SQUIDLE+; green, GlobalArchive; purple, and MARS database; orange) for selected region.

What's known about the North network?

The current state of research knowledge (bathymetry, physical and biological observations, seafloor habitat maps) for this region.
Habitat and bathymetry summaries last refreshed April 2024. Habitat observations are refreshed weekly from data providers.


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What's in the North network?

Underwater imagery from this region, and pressures and activities occurring here.


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