Montebello Marine Park lies offshore of Barrow Island. An ancient coastline runs through the park along the 125 metre depth contour, providing hard rocky escarpments for benthic communities to flourish in an area otherwise dominated by soft sediments. This habitat supports foraging grounds for whale sharks, and the region is also utilized by pygmy blue whales and breeding seabirds. The park is important for the four turtle species (flatback, green, hawksbill and loggerhead) that breed on nearby Montebello Islands, as female turtles refuel and rest here between laying each clutch of eggs.

When tides are low, two coral reefs called Tryal Rocks emerge above the water.

The park is located 80 km west of Dampier, Western Australia. It covers 3,413 square kilometres, and is a Multiple Use zone.Parks Australia

Montebello ranges from the high tide to 133 metres depth, with an average depth of 54 metres. The majority of the park (85%) falls within the mesophotic zone (30-70 metres). [View on map]

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