Limmen Marine Park is thriving with live, with some of the highest diversity and abundance of species all the northern Network. A key ecological feature in the marine park is the Gulf of Carpentaria coastal zone, where nutrients from rivers flowing into the coastal zone support high productivity and abundant biota. Also within Limmen Marine Park lies the Labyrinthian shoals, a group of sand banks and rocky heads in depths less than 1.8 metres that attract a range of species, including some that are listed as protected under the EPBC Act. Pipefishes, sawfishes, dugongs and seasnakes thrive here, and flatback turtles rely on the marine park for food and a place to rest during their breeding time.

The park is located in the south-west of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It covers 1,399 square kilometres, and is a Habitat Protection Zone. Some types of commercial fishing are allowed permitted, but others are restricted in order to protect important habitats.Parks Australia

Limmen ranges from less than 5 to 23 metres depth, with an average depth of 11 metres.  The entirety of the park is in the shallow (less than 30m) depth zone. [View on map]

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What's known about the Limmen marine park?

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