Seamap Australia has benefited from the generous Australian research community recognising the need for a nationally consistent spatial layer of benthic marine habitats.

It is through collaboration that Version 1 of the Seamap Australia data layer has been completed. We wish to acknowledge all of our partners from each state and territory that ensured that we did not over look any data sets and also made sure that the data was processed through data portals and could be harvested for this project. All spatial data that contributed to the Seamap Australia product is also available in its native format (with metadata) via the AODN portal.

We wish to acknowledge the support of the Australian National Data Service [ANDS], the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies [IMAS] , the Integrated Marine Observing System [IMOS], the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing [TPAC] for making the Seamap Australia project possible.

Seamap Australia (Version 1) has built upon other national seabed habitat mapping initiatives. The NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub (NMBH; recently published a report that collated spatial data on benthic reef habitats on the continental shelf (Lucieer et al., 2016). Seamap Australia has expanded on this research, with the support of the national community, to additionally include benthic habitat data on the Australian continental shelf.

We wish to acknowledge the following national collaborators and highlight their spatial data contribution to this collection:

  • Associate Professor Daniel Ierodiaconou [Deakin University] Victoria
  • Dr Alan Jordan [Department of Primary Industries] New South Wales
  • Dr Tim Ingleton [Department of Environment] New South Wales
  • Alison Wright [Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources] South Australia
  • Dr Adrian Flynn [Fathom Pacific Pty Ltd] Victoria
  • Lawrance Ferns [Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning] Victoria
  • Dr Scott Nichol [Geoscience Australia]
  • Kim Finney [AODN]
  • Dr Michael Rasheed [TropWATER, James Cook University], Queensland
  • Dr Alexandra Carter [TropWATER, James Cook University], Queensland
  • Professor Jessica Meeuwig  [University of Western Australia], Western Australia
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia
  • Neil Smit [Department of Land and Resource Management], Northern Territory